Publishers & Titles (GLN)

Through the Global LOCKSS Network (GLN), libraries are building and preserving collections of all open access titles and those e-journals and ebooks to which they subscribe. The Global LOCKSS Network is the equivalent of a library’s general collections

Over 530 publishers have selected the Global LOCKSS Network as their ejournal and ebook preservation and post-cancellation access partner.

A list of publishers and e-journal titles with ISSN and eISSN that have been processed since 1998 and is being preserved in the Global LOCKSS Network is below.  Some of this content is no longer available for ingest.

A journals report is available, XLS and CSV.

Here is a  companion list for e-books.

LOCKSS Alliance members: (a) collect and preserve Open Access titles as well as those e-journals to which they subscribe and (b) participate in LOCKSS preservation of special collections and government document collections, please see Private LOCKSS Networks.

Many of the publishers working with the LOCKSS Program are hosted on third party publishing platforms. LOCKSS Program staff works closely with these vendors to ensure authoritative, accurate and complete preservation of scholarly journals and books. Our partners include: Atypon, BioMed Central, HighWire Press, Metapress, Open Journal Systems, Publishing Technology, and Project MUSE.