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CNI Spring Membership Meeting

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April 8, 2019 (All day) to April 9, 2019 (All day)
Ritz-Carlton, St. Louis

Nicholas Taylor will participate in the Coalition for Networked Information Spring Membership Meeting. We look forward to connecting with any LOCKSS partners who may also be attending!

Nicholas will participate in the Executive Roundtable on "Cloud Hosting vs. Local Hosting: Choices and Implications." We provided the following information in our statement of interest:

Stanford Libraries presently employs digital preservation services that both leverage cloud-based storage (e.g., the Preservation Core of the Stanford Digital Repository) and eschew it (e.g., LOCKSS networks). We are interested in understanding how other institutions are considering (or being forced to consider) the role of cloud-based services for digital preservation in particular, as well as their digital library services more broadly. We would be happy also to share our evolving cloud strateg(ies).

Nicholas will also present as part of the panel "Flexibility and Pragmatism: Thinking Differently about 'Better' for Digital Preservation Services".

Here is the abstract:

Conversations benchmarking the quality of digital preservation often center on concerns like the number of copies of content or the frequency of fixity checking. While replication and data integrity validation are essential elements of digital preservation best practice, the widening gap between resources and candidate content for preservation challenges us to rethink how we can do digital preservation better, beyond obvious (and obviously finitely-scalable) steps like more copies and checksumming. What new digital preservation architectures or service features can help better assure the integrity of stored content, differently? How can we foster a more complementary digital preservation services ecosystem? How can we capitalize on the affordances (and accommodate the constraints) of new technologies, for digital preservation? How do our own collective, existing best practices affect our ability to expand digital preservation horizontally and vertically? What are various scenarios elucidating the explicit and implicit costs and economics of digital preservation. Presenters will address these questions in relation to each other and the latest developments in several digital preservation initiatives: exercising content retrieval from APTrust; keeping content safe with fewer copies (and more fixity) with LOCKSS; and extensible, scalable approaches to preservation infrastructure at the Internet Archive.

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Coalition for Networked Information (CNI)