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International Conference on Digital Preservation

2019 iPRES logo
September 17, 2019 (All day) to September 20, 2019 (All day)
EYE Filmmuseum

Nicholas Taylor will participate in the International Conference on Digital Preservation. We look forward to connecting with any LOCKSS partners who may also be attending!

Nicholas will present as part of the panel session, Cloud Atlas: Navigating the Cloud for Digital Preservation.

Here is the panel session abstract:

Cloud services have become the increasingly dominant paradigm for many other types of IT-based services; why not for digital preservation? Cloud services are by now a familiar, though not mature, part of the digital preservation landscape. It is worth considering further how commercial cloud services are currently or might prospectively be used for digital preservation, as well as the implications for memory institutions, individually and collectively, if digital preservation shifts primarily in that direction. This panel will examine how memory institutions can leverage the cloud in deliberate and mission-supporting ways, or build alternative, community-based infrastructures.

Event Sponsor: 
Dutch Digital Heritage Network