How to Join


Community LOCKSS Networks 

Participation in the Community LOCKSS Network Alliance is by invitation.  A selected list of Community LOCKSS Networks is available. Please contact Us for additional information.

The Global LOCKSS Network

Publishers participate in the Global LOCKSS Network for no cost. While openings are limited, we welcome hearing from you. Please contact us for an evaluation.

Libraries that participate in the Global LOCKSS Network pay a small fee to receive:

Technical support to bring online and maintain a LOCKSS Box

Locally own collections from over a quickly growing list of publishers for 100% perpetual access

The tools to shape the scope and content of their LOCKSS assets in line with local priorities, adding value to their library

Strategic opportunities for community engagement, magnifying and leveraging local activities

Fees (September 2017 – August 2018) for libraries and institutions in the United States are below. Fees for libraries in the United Kingdom are here. Please contact us if your institution is outside the United States or the United Kingdom.

Institution Size
Annual Fees
Very Large Research Universities $ 12,709
Large Research Universities $ 11,302
Medium Doctoral/Research Universities $  9,652
Large Master’s Colleges and Universities $  6,120
Medium Master’s Colleges and Universities $  5,232
Small Master’s Colleges and Universities $  4,337
Baccalaureate Colleges $  2,539