LOCKSS Program Receives Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Grant

Funding to ensure long-term preservation of dynamic Web 2.0 content
April 18, 2012. The LOCKSS (Lots of Copies Keep Stuff Safe) Program at Stanford University has been awarded a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. The two-year grant accelerates work on new ways to gather and preserve the kinds of dynamic and diverse digital content that 21st century scholarship demands.

“LOCKSS was originally developed to preserve academic e-journals exactly as they were presented on publisher websites,” according to Victoria Reich, Executive Director and co-founder of the LOCKSS Program. “At that time, most content was static, but with new technologies such as Web 2.0 and HTML 5, published content is increasingly dynamic and interactive. This makes long-term preservation much more challenging.”

The Mellon Foundation grant will enable LOCKSS to develop new techniques for collecting dynamic digital content from modern publishing platforms, and ensuring its long-term preservation. Incorporating these techniques into future versions of the award winning, open-source LOCKSS digital preservation software will benefit the entire academic community.

About The LOCKSS Program. Lots Of Copies Keep Stuff Safe (LOCKSS), is part of the Stanford University Libraries. Self-sustaining since 2004, this collaborative community program enables libraries to build digital collections and preserve them with full fidelity. It ensures that publisher usage statistics are maintained, while providing readers with continual access to authoritative scholarly literature.

For more information about the LOCKSS Program, visit http://www.lockss.org/.
LOCKSS is a trademark of Stanford University.