Build A LOCKSS Box

We recommend installing the LOCKSS software on a dedicated server or virtual machine.

Installing LOCKSS. We provide a customized CentOS 6 installation ISO that is integrated with everything you need to run LOCKSS, along with a step-by-step installation guide for using this ISO:

Installation Guide: LOCKSS-Linux-Install
Installation ISO: LOCKSS Installation ISO

SHA1: 3d5e9bdc13a4024ef882f20a59b1a27827e7a997
MD5: 92815ca5afbfdcda602d59fd1b2b3da1

NOTE: LOCKSS can be integrated on any RPM-based Linux – it is not necessary to use this ISO to run LOCKSS.

Upgrades. If you would like to replace your existing LOCKSS hardware or upgrade your existing LOCKSS operating system, please contact us for help with the planning and implementation of your upgrade as well as the migration of your archived content.

Support. If you need any assistance with the LOCKSS on Linux installation, instructions on how to integrate LOCKSS with your own RPM-based Linux environment, or guidance on upgrading your LOCKSS box, please contact us.