Open Access Preservation Options

Every day, open access publishers contact the LOCKSS Program requesting preservation services.  Publisher participation in the Global LOCKSS Network preservation is free and thus is an attractive archiving option for small organizations. Unfortunately, at the moment, we are accepting very few open access publishers into the Global LOCKSS Network

The Global LOCKSS Network accepts for preservation content of interest to most of our participating libraries. Librarians prioritize expending preservation resources to ensure post-cancellation access to “toll walled” content.  They presume open access content “will be always there”. It’s a conundrum; the expensive subscription content whose preservation is in most demand is exactly the content at the lowest risk of disappearing.

In view of these realities, we recommend each nation or region assume responsibility for preserving locally-published open access content. Brazil’s CARINIANA Program is a successful example of this approach.

Other LOCKSS preservation options  for publishers to consider include:

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