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Lots Of Copies Keep Stuff Safe.

The LOCKSS Program at Stanford Libraries provides open-source technologies and services for high-confidence, resilient, secure digital preservation.


Seven reasons why communities and organizations choose to use the LOCKSS Program's software and services. Why LOCKSS

We can help you set up, integrate, and manage LOCKSS technologies, to reach your digital preservation goals. Use LOCKSS

Capable and committed communities are every bit as vital to long-term digital preservation as technology. Join LOCKSS

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LOCKSS Software

The LOCKSS Program engineers and maintains open-source software for distributed digital preservation. We have been serving libraries and memory organizations for over two decades.

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LOCKSS Support

The LOCKSS Program and its partner organizations offer a vibrant support network and community of practice for end users, system administrators, software developers, publishers, and publishing technology providers.

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Featured LOCKSS Network

Global LOCKSS Network

The GLN, the world's longest-serving LOCKSS network, ensures local custody, failover access, and post-cancellation access for subscription and open-access electronic journals and books at over 100 global research and academic libraries.

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Featured LOCKSS Network


The CLOCKSS Archive is a not-for-profit collaboration of the world's leading academic publishers and research libraries, providing a sustainable dark archive to ensure the long-term survival of digital scholarly content.