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The LOCKSS Program and its partner organizations offer a vibrant support network and community of practice for end users, system administrators, software developers, publishers, and publishing technology providers.


The LOCKSS Documentation Portal is the authoritative reference for LOCKSS software documentation, featuring the LOCKSS 2.x System Manual, the LOCKSS Plugin Developer Guide, and more.

The LOCKSS Community Wiki complements the LOCKSS Documentation Portal, with technical information for software developers and system administrators.

Online Support

We invite end users, system administrators, software developers, publishers, content providers, and any interested parties to submit a support request to the LOCKSS Program by e-mail.

The LOCKSS Community Discussions at GitHub are a public message board for end users, software developers and system administrators.

LOCKSS Alliance Benefits

The LOCKSS software and documentation are available at no cost and under open licenses. We strive to make LOCKSS technologies as accessible and widely-applicable as possible with the resources above alone. LOCKSS Alliance Members are additionally entitled to direct technical support, for managing or participating in an existing network.

This support covers the following aspects:

  • LOCKSS network infrastructure: maintenance of the LOCKSS property server, plugin registry, and title database.
  • LOCKSS nodes:      
    • consultation on hardware, software, and network requirements as well as technical and security policy constraints;
    • implementation assistance including installation and configuration of the operating system, RAID, and LOCKSS technologies, as well as firewall testing and LOCKSS software operation verification;
    • ongoing maintenance for operating system upgrades, storage additions and reconfigurations, server replacements, data migrations, and network changes.
  • Training: direct tutoring on the administrative user interface and other dimensions of managing LOCKSS systems.

We can also provide support for setting up new networks, though this may entail additional fees beyond the LOCKSS Alliance participation fee.