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Privacy Policy

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Another example of how we care about your data.

This privacy statement aims to make LOCKSS Program practices with regards to the collection and processing of personal information, as follows, public and transparent:

  • The collection of personal information is, and always has been, kept to a minimum.
  • Personal information is used solely in support of digital preservation-related activities and services, for example:      
    • Responding to your comments, questions, and requests, including contacting you if we need to obtain or provide additional information;
    • Sending you informational notices including content releases, technical updates, security alerts, support and administrative messages;
    • Communicating with you regarding services, products, and events that we think may interest you.
  • Personal information will not be shared with third parties for their use in direct marketing, advertising, or promotion of their products and services.

Unless more specifically enumerated here, the LOCKSS Program is also governed by the relevant categories of the Stanford University Online Privacy Policy.

Electronic mailing lists

The LOCKSS Program uses electronic mailing lists to facilitate communication, resource sharing, and community building.

  • Each list will be used in a manner consistent with its stated purpose.
  • List subscribers have consented to receive messages, either by direct subscription or mediated request.
  • The names and e-mail addresses of subscribers are retained for the sole purpose of receiving messages from and sending messages to the list(s), and are not shared with third parties.
  • You may unsubscribe from a list at any time, by visiting the Stanford University Mailing List Tools portal, entering the name of the list under “Manage subscriptions,” and following the instructions on the next page. Alternatively, you may contact us with unsubscription requests, which we will process as soon as is practical. Unsubscribing removes your name and e-mail address from the subscription database but does not expunge from its archive any messages you have sent to the list.
  • All lists are moderated with zero tolerance for harassment or persecution.

Ticket support system

The LOCKSS Program maintains a ticketing system to track user support correspondence and informational inquiries.

  • For purposes of responding to inquiries, the following personal information may be recorded:    
    • Contact information, such as e-mail address, telephone number, web telephony handle, and business address;
    • Identity information, such as first and last name, username, and professional title.
  • Your personal information is retained as long are your organization is, or potentially will be, working with us.
  • Upon request to remove your personal information from our ticketing system, we will erase it from our systems or otherwise put it beyond use.


The LOCKSS Program uses web analytics for ongoing assessment and improvement of our online informational resources.

  • Information gathered by web analytics may include (anonymized) IP address, client software, visited webpages, time zone setting, approximate location, internet service provider, and date-time of visit.
  • Our web analytics is configured to respect the Do Not Track header; if the header is received, no tracking code will be embedded.
  • Web analytics information is used in aggregate form, significantly and intentionally complicating the ability to relate it to individual visitors.


For more information on how we collect and process your personal information, or to exercise your rights, please contact us.

Effective date

The effective date of this policy is September 13, 2018. Deprecated versions will remain published and be linked from this page.