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LOCKSS is both a platform and a partner for other community-based organizations and networks.

The LOCKSS Program and longstanding LOCKSS community members collaborate in many key global digital preservation, library, and repository initiatives and associations. This comprehensive partnership structure assures that the LOCKSS community as a whole benefits from new innovations and global discussions.

Digital Preservation Services Collaborative

LOCKSS community members are also integrally involved in the effort to create a Declaration of Shared Values with other community-based organizations involved in digital preservation. The initial draft statement below was released in December 2017:

The digital preservation landscape is one of a multitude of choices that vary widely in terms of purpose, scale, cost, and complexity. Over the past year the LOCKSS Program and a group of collaborating organizations united in the commitment to digital preservation came together to explore how we can better communicate with each other and assist members of the wider community as they negotiate this complicated landscape.

As an initial effort, the group drafted a Digital Preservation Declaration of Shared Values that is now being released for community comment. The document is available here and the comment period will be open until March 1st. In addition, we welcome suggestions from the community for next steps that would be beneficial as we work together. Comments, suggestions and observations may be communicated to the group at We also welcome volunteer efforts to translate this code of ethics into additional languages.

Issued by representatives of: Academic Preservation Trust (APTrust), Chronopolis, CLOCKSS Archive, Coalition for Networked Information (CNI), Council of Prairie and Pacific University Libraries (COPPUL), Digital Preservation Network (DPN), DuraSpace, Educopia/MetaArchive Cooperative, Stanford University/LOCKSS Program, Texas Digital Library (TDL).

(Signatory communities or institutions running LOCKSS-based preservation services are bolded.)