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The LOCKSS Program is part of Stanford University, and sets its direction in consultation with its community stakeholders.

Program administration

As part of Stanford University, the LOCKSS Program is subject to the rules and policies specified in the Stanford University Administrative Guide. Program management for the LOCKSS Program reports to the Director of Digital Library Systems and Services, who in turn reports to the University Librarian.

Community Advisory Committee

The LOCKSS Community Advisory Committee provides feedback on general strategic direction and priorities of the LOCKSS Program to assure the success and sustainability of LOCKSS and the communities that it supports. Particular areas of focus include business and sustainability planning, partnerships and community engagement, and service and software development. Committee members are distinguished by their experience with and commitment to LOCKSS, longstanding community involvement, and interest in serving in an advisory capacity.

The work of the group takes place on regular conference calls and through participation in LOCKSS meetings, including the annual LOCKSS Alliance meeting and more informal get-togethers that may be organized in conjunction with other community events. Activities of the group include:

  • Coordination on outreach efforts (e.g., blogging, publications, presentations, newsletter contributions, group event calendar, etc.);
  • Technical collaborations; or
  • Participation in limited-term working groups.

The group is constituted under a working charter. Its current members, with their organizational and LOCKSS affiliations, are: