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About Our Logo

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The LOCKSS Program logo reflects our core principles: community, decentralization, and durability.

Variously interpreted, our logo may be:

  • A tortoise — In folklore, tortoises represent deliberateness, determination, and longevity.
  • Peers seated around a table — Digital preservation is most sustainably situated in a community with a shared commitment to the content that matters to them.
  • Nodes in a network — LOCKSS supports digital preservation only as a function of multiple systems working together.

LOCKSS partners are welcome to make use of the logos to promote their LOCKSS-supported initiative or participation in the LOCKSS community. Please contact us if you need a logo with different dimensions.

In addition to adhering to these terms of use, we ask that you not make any changes to the logo. LOCKSS is a trademark of Stanford University.

LOCKSS logo, horizontal orientation, 300 pixels width
preserved with LOCKSS logo, vertical orientation, 200 pixels width
LOCKSS logo, vertical orientation, 270 pixels width