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Lots of Copies Keep Stuff Safe; Lots of Communities Keep Stuff Safe.

Capable and committed communities are every bit as vital to long-term digital preservation as technology, if not more so. The LOCKSS Alliance is a community of organizations and communities collaborating to improve and sustain their capacity for digital stewardship, with a foundation of LOCKSS. LOCKSS Alliance Members contribute financially to the LOCKSS Program, supporting development and documentation of the core LOCKSS technologies for the benefit of all LOCKSS Alliance Members and the broader user community.


All LOCKSS Alliance Members benefit from:

  • Direct technical support for configuration and management of LOCKSS networks and nodes;
  • Ability to contract additional services leveraging LOCKSS technologies, including setting up new networks;
  • Facilitated connections to other LOCKSS Alliance communities and digital preservation practitioners working on common problems, solutions, and use cases;
  • Ability to participate in the annual LOCKSS Alliance Meeting;
  • Subscription to the LOCKSS Alliance mailing list, for LOCKSS-related communications and conversations;
  • Opportunity to collaborate on working groups focused on projects of mutual interest to LOCKSS Alliance members;
  • Additional consideration of submitted LOCKSS software feature requests;
  • Consultation with LOCKSS Program engineers; and
  • Access to early-stage software releases.

Participation fees

Historically, organizations interested in using LOCKSS technologies for a variety of use cases were also participants in the Global LOCKSS Network. As a consequence, LOCKSS Alliance participation fees were (and, for the moment, remain) the same as those to participate in the Global LOCKSS Network.

We are presently working with the Community Advisory Committee to develop a new pricing model that recognizes that the use cases for LOCKSS technologies have significantly expanded beyond electronic scholarly publications; ensures continued alignment between the cost and value of services provided by the LOCKSS Program; and provides for the sustainability of both the LOCKSS Program and community participation. We also welcome community feedback on how we might update the model.