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Victoria Reich

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Co-founder of the LOCKSS Program and Executive Director Emerita

Victoria Reich

Victoria has held a wide variety of professional positions at institutions such as Stanford University, the Library of Congress, and the University of Michigan.

She was a leader in the movement of journals from paper to electronic distribution. Her work with HighWire Press helped establish its unique and successful position, adding significant value for scholars in creating intelligent and widespread access to critically important journal information.

With her co-founding of the LOCKSS Program and her involvement with e-journal preservation, the profession increasingly heeds a LOCKSS Program core tenet, “lots of communities keep stuff safe.” Victoria’s approach towards digital preservation is to do things at as low a cost as possible. This is not just a recognition that any business operation should minimize expenses, but more fundamentally it represents a conviction that there will be difficult times, and an archiving environment built on the lowest realistic cost base will weather the valleys in funding and support.

Victoria is passionate about ensuring future access to information for all, and works with organizations that hold aligning values.