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LOCKSS 1.76 Released and LOCKSS 2.0-alpha6 Available for Testing

The LOCKSS Program is pleased to announce that LOCKSS 1.76 is released and LOCKSS 2.0-alpha6 is now available for testing.
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The LOCKSS Program is pleased to announce that LOCKSS 1.76 is released and that LOCKSS 2.0-alpha6 is now available for testing.

This dual release (version 1.76.5 and 2.0.61-alpha6 respectively) ushers in a new chapter on the road to LOCKSS 2.0: LOCKSS 1.76 includes a preview of the migration tool which will be used to transfer content from an existing LOCKSS 1.x system into a LOCKSS 2.x system. Interested LOCKSS users can use this dual release to experiment with migrating content from a production LOCKSS 1.76 system to a test LOCKSS 2.0-alpha6 system; please contact us and see the migration tool page in the LOCKSS Community Wiki.

Aside from the migration tool, LOCKSS 1.76.5 features a number of bug fixes and improvements. LOCKSS 2.0.61-alpha6 includes the LOCKSS SOAP Compatibility Service to support tools written for the LOCKSS 1.x SOAP APIs, support for content to undergo direct storage into the LOCKSS Repository Service, binary compatibility with plugins built for LOCKSS 1.x, some REST API changes, numerous bug fixes and performance improvements, and all the changes also in LOCKSS 1.75.9 and 1.76.5. You can find the release notes for LOCKSS 1.76.5 on GitHub, and the release notes for LOCKSS 2.0.61-alpha6 on the LOCKSS Documentation Portal.

We invite all LOCKSS users to upgrade their production systems to 1.76.5 and all alpha testers to upgrade from 2.0.55-alpha5 to 2.0.61-alpha6. We also invite new alpha testers to install 2.0.61-alpha6 from scratch.

As always, we welcome your feedback, as we continue to improve the LOCKSS system and as LOCKSS 2.x progresses toward beta status.

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