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LOCKSS 2.0-alpha4 Available for Testing

The LOCKSS Program is pleased to announce that LOCKSS 2.0-alpha4 is now available for testing.
LOCKSS 2.0 Alpha 4 image

The LOCKSS Program is pleased to announce that LOCKSS 2.0-alpha4, the fourth publicly available prototype of our next-generation distributed digital preservation software suite, is now available for testing.

In addition to bug fixes and performance improvements throughout the system and a new HTML and PDF user manual, this new iteration features:

  • Container orchestration with K3s, a lightweight Kubernetes distribution by Kubernetes vendor Rancher. K3s is compatible with most Linux flavors and comes with a convenient multi-OS installer.
  • Content is now stored in compressed WARC files by default.
  • Numerous bug fixes and enhancements in the repository service and underlying componentry, delivering more reliability and performance in error handling, scalability, and content replay.
  • Many security enhancements, including support for firewalld and ufw, containers not running as root internally, the lockss user no longer needing sudo privileges, Solr authentication, and LCAP SSL support with TLSv1.2 by default.
  • Web user interface enhancements, including LCAP SSL key generation and support for the Kubernetes dashboard.

We welcome the community's input. We invite developers to read the release notes, try out the installation instructions or upgrade from 2.0-alpha3 to 2.0-alpha4, and provide us with feedback.

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